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OYAMA Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Office Specialists in Immigration, Incorporation, Inheritance, etc.
with good experience in international cases
We are to make your life in Japan easy and comfortable.
Visas & Immigration Procedures
Incorporation & Business Support
Inheritance & Testaments
Certificates & Documents
Family Registration, Koseki
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What's Gyoseishoshi Lawyera?  Is it not attorney?
A "Gyoseishoshi Lawyer" specializes in the legal formalities for a broad range of matters. These include representation on all visa related issues, business applications and all related legalities, license applications, government permission, and myriad other legal documentation and representations. (see below)
This however does not include prosecution related matters.
Please consult us for assistance and advice in any of the above areas.

What's New
18.Mar.2008 Clients Voice Updated.
18.Mar.2008 Visas & Immigration Procedures Updated.
18.Mar.2008 Homepage renewed.

Visas & Immigration Procedures
As we are lisenced Immigration Lawyer’s Office, you do not need to present yourself to the Immigration Bureau for extension/change/acquirement of status of residence
Incorporation & Business Support
Setting up your new company, report to all relevant authorities, bookkeeping and filing - we help all what you need in your business.
Inheritance & Testaments
Complicated formality for inheritance and making a legally valid Will are something that you need the help of professionals.
Certificates & Documents
Notarization makes documents legally effective and gives a strong evidential effect on your business agreement and agreement on Kyogi Rikon (divorce on consent).
Family Registration, Koseki
Koseki is a unique family registration system.When you are in trouble with family registration, contact us, the specialists of Koseki.

We are "Specialist of Immigration Procedures" authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, you do not have to present yourself at the Immigration Bureau unless your presence is specially requested by the bureau.
We keep all private information in strict confidence. The secrecy code of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers is stipulated by the Japanese Law.
We are willing to discuss the issues other than the ones listed above.
We are also pleased to introduce other qualified specialists according to the nature of the matters.

OYAMA Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Office
6-3-1 Hamakaze-cho, Ashiya, Hyogo Pref.
TEL&FAX 0797-57-1357
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